Report Preview: Magna's 2018 Programmatic Intelligence Update Shows Programmatic is Problematic, but Growing

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The programmatic industry continues to struggle with a number of long-standing issues around transparency, and brands and consumers alike are pressing for change and greater clarity.

Download this abridged report to see how Magna leveraged Pathmatics to gain insight into programmatic activity in the United States, and discover which companies and industries are moving the needle.

About Pathmatics

Pathmatics digital marketing intelligence platform brings together display, social, video, mobile, and native data that enables marketers to take action. Platform users gain visibility into the path that each impression took from publisher to viewer with access to estimated ad spend and impressions, a vast creative library, publishers for specific brands, and unique data on where and how digital ads are delivered. Pathmatics provides actionable insights on adjusting marketing plans, optimizing campaigns and protecting brands in the digital ecosystem for leading agencies and brands.