Download the Webinar: Best Practices for Incorporating Digital into Your Marketing Mix Models


Download a recording of our recent webinar with William Merchan, CMO of Pathmatics, and Marc Vermut, VP of Services at Neustar 

This insight-packed webinar shares how digital intelligence is an imperative piece of any sophisticated marketing mix today. You'll learn:

  • Why challenges in data access and availability are driving adoption of marketing mix modeling
  • How a unified measurement approach can influence how you measure your marketing and the decisions you make 
  • How share of voice impacts marketing mix results
  • Why brands using marketing mix modeling to see improved results


About Pathmatics

Pathmatics was founded with a clear mission: turn the world’s marketing data into actionable insights. Driven by a passion for data and leading the digital marketing landscape forward, our product, Pathmatics Explorer, reflects the company’s vision to be the source of truth for digital marketing intelligence by creating trust and transparency.