As we Tweet and ‘gram our way into another year, social advertising remains a top focus for brands, with top brands across verticals spending an average of 60-70% of digital budgets on social channels.

In our Q1 2021 social report, we use historical trend data from Pathmatics Explorer to unearth the strategies of the top 10 advertisers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, including the key creative, messaging, and flighting trends that brought these brands to the top.

What you'll learn:

  • Analysis of the top advertisers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Why CPG and QSR invest more than other verticals in social advertising, and how seasonality plays a key role in spending trends  
  • Geographical spend trends for top brands on Facebook and Instagram
  • How the launch of HBO Max helped HBO become a top advertiser in Q1 2021

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